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February 20, 2019

5 Easy Paintings For Beginners

Look, we know that not everyone is blessed with artistic talents of da Vinci or Bob Ross, so being intimidated by painting should come as no surprise at times. Whenever a painting appeals to us, and we would desire to emulate it, the thoughts of it being 'too difficult' and 'mine can't look as good' constantly fills our mind. Honestly, get rid of those negative thoughts and start believing in ourselves. No one is perfect, and art is subjective. What's great about our Art Jamming classes is that they're platforms for learning. It's targeted towards everyone, from the young to old, and from the beginners to the experts. Furthermore, it takes place in a non-judgemental environment where people learn from each other, instead of commenting and criticizing. As such, feel free to explore your creative side. If you require help along the way, our professionally-trained facilitators would be on the site to assist you.

Another thing about our Art Jamming classes is that we provide color guides and painting examples as a way to guide and inspire you. Assuming that you have zero knowledge about art, no worries as we have the materials which allow you to open your eyes to the artistic world. However, you could also pick out photos online that you prefer, and attempt to imitate it. Regardless, at the end of the session, your painted canvas should be to your liking, as you'll be bringing your creation back home where you could proudly display it.

These 5 canvas paintings provided could serve as a guide for those who are trying their hands-on art for the first time, or for those who are seeking captivating yet uncomplicated painting ideas.



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