5 Reasons Art Jamming Is For You  

“I don’t think I can paint like that…” If this is your reaction to seeing others during art jamming, I am with you on this.  But art jamming is more than the end product; it is the process of strengthening teamwork and basically having a fun time through art. It is a rare occasion everyone can take time off to do something enjoyable, and art jamming is perfect for such an opportunity. About the finished painting, The Fun Empire will figure out for you how to do your very own A+ painting. With that out of the way, below are 5 reasons why you should try art jamming now.

Why is it called art jamming?

Art jamming is the act of a group of people making art together, either as individuals or as a team. The other reason is that you do not have to clean up. Yes, it is a dream come true - a painting haven where you can make all the mess and not have to clean up like the horrifying art classes we used to have. Furthermore, get ready to be impressed by your own art skills.  To this date, I have not seen a bad art piece is painted in the process of art jamming.

The art piece is yours!

While we would want to keep your dazzling artwork for ourselves, these are your art pieces and yours to parade over. If you did a painting together as a company, you would have something to beautify your offices with. The experience and the artwork go a long way towards creating a sense of belonging and forging team spirit within the company. Above is our painting, hung gloriously on our wall facing the main door. It embodies the TFE camaraderie that we are proud of.

Define the moment with art

Talking, laughing and painting together. All the ingredients of a successful team building activity. While cooped up with our daily life, we may forget the importance of spending quality time together or even forsake precious lunchtime in order to complete their work. Art Jamming as a team-building activity, and especially during a cohesion helps to give everyone a chance to find the time to just simply enjoy each other’s company while making some good art in the process.

Art for the soul

A wise man once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Art is a form of expression that can help with relieving stress, an ever-increasing component of life. If you find art jamming to be fun, you could consider taking it to the next level. Art gives a platform for the soul to explore and find tranquility in today’s fast-paced and alienated society. You never know until you tried.

Art does not discriminate

Art jamming is for everyone no matter the age. There is no restriction whatsoever pertaining to art jamming which makes it an easy option amongst team building activities to pick for cohesion. The beauty of art is that there is no right or wrong. A fun fact: in 1961, Henri Matisse’s painting Le Bateau was hung upside down at a museum for 46 days before anyone noticed. Maybe upside down was how it was supposed to be?

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