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June 16, 2018

Art in Different Shapes Colours And Sizes

Art comes in various forms and even then creativity in art can be exercised in new ways that no one has ever tried before. For all the artists out there, try expressing yourself in different art forms for a different effect to your artwork. Get creative, think out of the box, and go beyond the norms. It may surprise you when you dare to experiment with the obscure. So below are a few types of artworks that prove to be different from the orthodox.

1. Gunpowder

As artists, we could definitely learn from Artist Danny Shervin whose art involves using paint and gunpowder, all of which is one of a kind when he sets it alight at the end of the process. This is one of the latest art fads that is well received with the social media crowd in recent years. The portrayal of this painting gives off a feeling that the art is alive through the flames that flow through the art. Though you definitely should not try this in Singapore (possession of gunpowder is illegal). But this is still a very good learning point on utilizing bizarre materials to a great effect in your artwork.

2. Pigeon Feathers

Like the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Clearly to Kate MccGwire who pioneered this art form, she had found her very own treasure. While Pigeons are treated to the same degree as pests, with a different perspective adopted, these are valuable art materials. The materials do not make the artist; a good artist will find that he/she has a bountiful of materials at their disposal. The bird’s feathers look akin to that of the scales of an elegant serpent, like a scene straight out of a computer-generated imagery scene in Harry Potter The Chamber Of Secrets.

3. Colour Pencil Sculptures

Originally, Jennifer Maestre was intending to work with metal nails, which was not only dangerous but also impractical since she could not manipulate the length of the nails used. Well, she clearly showed her love for paradoxes with this one. Who would have thought that colour pencils could be used to add colour and shape in this manner instead of the commonsensical colouring with the sharp tip? Ultimately she ended up with a sculpture that had vivid colours and peculiar shapes to showcase her artistry.

4. Optical Illusions

Optical illusions can be used in conjunction with other types of art forms simultaneously. Actually as awesome as they can look to our eyes, it is our brains that are actually ‘seeing’ the art. And the human brain is gullible, susceptible to illusions when orchestrated properly. For example, the picture above looks at it best only when viewed from a specific angle. From any other point, it would not even look like art done right. These artworks are beautiful because of their ability to trick the human mind. And we like to say humans are smart…

5. Art Jamming

While you could attempt to do a control C + V on your chosen artwork when art jamming, at the same time you can choose to take the painting onto a new track. The artist can decide to change things about the painting, replicate the painting in his or her own style. So the end product is not an imitation, but a one and only unique adaptation of the painting. Using the masterpiece as a base, a little tweak in the right way can be a whole difference to the same painting. Ultimately, this is the version of the painting you admire that you personally made yourself. A collaboration with the master artist himself if you think about it.

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