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August 3, 2021

The Best Birthday Activities Singapore voted by Kids

Birthday Activities Singapore

Many kids are asked by their parents what they would like to do for their birthday. This can be a difficult question as kids often want something new and different every year. The following list of Birthday Activities Singapore voted by kids are not only the best but also include many things that will never get old! Read on to find out more about The Best Birthday Activities in Singapore voted by Kids. For more of our articles:

1) Virtual Clay Workshop

Virtual Clay Workshop - Birthday Activities Singapore

Kids love activities that stimulate their senses and our Virtual Clay Workshop is one of them. The kids can mould the clay - squeeze, beat or flatten - as much as they like to create their very own clay figurines! High-quality, light and versatile air dry clay that is toxic-free and safe for kids are provided! Professional instructors will be present to guide the kids through the live workshop and ensure that they are having fun. Select such Birthday Activities Singapore for your kids for an unforgettable birthday party.

2) Virtual Art Jamming

Art Jamming Canvas - Birthday Activities Singapore

Art Jamming is a birthday activity suitable for kids in Singapore. Your kids will get to have a fun birthday being creative with their friends. No worries about kids fighting with one another for any reason because this art session will be held online. The kids can also feel proud of themselves for creating their artwork! As all materials are delivered right to your doorstep, your kid will be able to enjoy such Birthday Activities Singapore without having to get out of the house.

3) Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest - Birthday Activities Singapore

With around 1 hour to learn about foods from all over the world, the Virtual Food Quest will be the best Birthday Activities Singapore for your kids. Apart from having fun, the game will provide an enriching lesson about the world through food. There will be 10 stages (can be customised), each representing a country, to teach them about pizzas, french desserts and more. Take the opportunity to understand your kids' preferences - dislikes and likes - for future meals.

4) Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room - Birthday Activities Singapore

Struggling to find the perfect Birthday Activities Singapore for your child this year? Spark the Sherlock Holmes flair in your kids with The Fun Empire's Virtual Escape Room experience. Both challenging and fun, this game is suitable for kids of 7 years old and up. Witness your child focusing and solving puzzles like mini detectives. They can play with as many friends as they want! In addition, the exciting storylines are guaranteed to keep kids happy and entertained.

5) Virtual Party Mania

What's better than a collection of popular party games? Plan your kids' birthday party that will be filled with laughter and entertaining Birthday Activities Singapore. Our Virtual Party Mania experience can be customised to your kid's liking as the games can be changed. To make the birthday celebration even more spectacular, the winner of Virtual Party Mania will receive a prize delivered straight to his or her doorstep!

6) Virtual Game Show

Virtual Game Show - Birthday Activities Singapore

Running out of Birthday Activities Singapore for your kids? Is your kid a master of trivia? Check out our Virtual Game Show experience, which replicates all the excitement of a game show from your home! Guess letters and form words to get as much money for your team! All you need is stable Wi-Fi to participate.

7) Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Virtual Terrarium Workshop - Birthday Activities Singapore

If your child likes putting plants in little pots, then the Singapore Virtual Terrarium Workshop might be just what they need. This craft and informative workshop teach kids about plants and ecosystems, while also giving them a creative outlet. The workshops are facilitated by certified trainers who will give your children the hands-on help they need to construct terrariums in Singapore. Kids will also receive a small figurine to complete their handiwork!

Birthday Activities Singapore

Birthday Activities Singapore offer parents an alternative that is not only safe, but also entertaining for the kids! Whether it's Virtual Clay Workshop or Virtual Escape Room Experience, there's bound to be one of our Birthday Activities Singapore that you'd like.

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