Top 10 Kids Activities Singapore Under $25/Pax

Kids Activities Singapore

Looking for Kids Activities Singapore? This list of Top 10 Kids Activities in Singapore Under $25/Pax should help you out. Kids are always on the go, and we know how much they love to be active. That is why it is important to find activities that will keep them busy while also keeping your budget in mind! In this blog post, we have compiled a list of some popular kids activities with prices under $25 per person.

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1) Virtual Escape Room

kids activities singapore - virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

The award-winning Escape Room experience is now available online. This platform was specifically designed by The Fun Empire to allow participants to tackle challenges from the comfort of their own homes. This virtual game can accommodate small parties of two to huge groups of hundreds of people.

Take advantage of this opportunity to bond with your friends and family while also putting your problem-solving skills to the test! This is also a great virtual kids attraction as the company has designed the escape room theme into LITE version suitable for young kids.

Price: From $20/pax

2) Virtual Food Quest

kids activities singapore - virtual food quest
The Fun Empire

Are you a foodie who knows everything there is to know about food? Put your knowledge to the test with Singapore's one-of-a-kind Virtual Food Quest experience! The Virtual Food Quest, brought to you by The Fun Empire, promises an amazing food adventure for all.

Collaborate with your friends and family to solve food-related tasks, each centered on a different cuisine! Spend some precious time interacting with them while learning about different varieties of food! You might even find yourself craving some food after the activity!

Price: From $20/pax

3) Virtual Time Travel

kids activities singapore - virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is pleased to provide the world's first and only Virtual Time Travel experience! If you've ever wondered if time travel is possible, this experience is for you! Transcend time with your team as you tackle problems in various eras and time zones. To fulfill your job, you need to race against the clock!

This event will put your team's problem-solving skills to the test. It will be both amusing and demanding. This is one of the most recent and distinctive team building games / kids activities ever devised! You only need two people to get started, and there is no limit to the amount of people that can join!

Price: From $20/pax

4) Virtual Ben's Big Heist

kids activities singapore - virtual ben's big heist
The Fun Empire

Collaborate with your teammates to pull off the Big Gold Heist! Your crew discovered a bank blueprint with some notes written on it. Using it to your advantage, you and your team will need to crack vaults, fill loot bags, and flee before the cops catch up with you! As you go, the vaults will get more difficult to shatter! This could be one of your new favourite family activities in Singapore!

Price: From $20/pax

5) Art Jamming Workshop

kids activities singapore - art jamming workshop
The Fun Empire

Allow your creative juices to flow and your imagination to run wild as you create your own art creation using brilliant and colourful paint. The Fun Empire ensures a fun and delightful day with a cozy environment and everything you need to create your very own masterpiece! This is one of the exciting kid activities to do in Singapore.

Price: From $19/pax

6) Neon Laser Tag

kids activities singapore - neon laser tag
The Fun Empire

Become the secret agent that you always wanted to be and eliminate your targets! The different laser tag game modes and the glow in the dark playing arena make this a favourite activity. This will definitely be added to your list of things for family fun in Singapore. To add to the excitement, there are glow-in-the-dark bunkers and inflatable walls for you to sneak attack on your opponents! This has also been voted as one of the enjoyable activities for kids!

Price: From $15/pax

7) Bubble Bump

kids activities singapore - bubble bump
The Fun Empire

Bubble Bump is another great kids activity in Singapore. It’s also one of the best for team building and cohesion. Players are suited up in bubbles and have to complete game objectives with the help of their friends while running about inside these inflatable suits, flipping upside down, floating high into the air before being bumped on their head by another player's bubble!

Price: From $15/pax

8) Saber Tag

kids activities singapore -saber tag
The Fun Empire

Bring out your inner child with these fabulous glow in the dark, combat saber battles! They're a frenzy of missions and rivalry. With different modes to choose from, pick your team  and use every skill at their disposal to beat the opposition in an exhilarating battle for victory! Saber Tag is one of the best family activities in Singapore to play!

Price: From $15/pax

9) Fly a kite at Marina Barrage

kids activities singapore - kite flying at marina barrage
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Get those kites out and head over to the wonderful green patch known as Marina Barrage! Kite flying is a fun free family activity in Singapore that you can enjoy for your next outing! Bring swimsuits for the kids so they can jump around in the nearby (very little decorative) water fountains afterward.

10) Nature Playgarden at HortPark

kids activities singapore - nature playgarden at hortpark
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Bring hats (as there isn't much coverage) and go early to escape the hottest part of the day. Free kids activities at HortPark's Nature Playgarden offer unstructured play and the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild (while getting their hands dirty) amongst nature. This park has nine different play structures made of natural materials. A herb garden, playground, and nice walkways may be found farther within HortPark.

Kids Activities Singapore

Kids Activities Singapore are a great way to spend time together and enjoy the indoors / outdoors. They can be both entertaining and educational, such as our list of 10 Fun Kids Activities Under $25/Pax! If you're looking for more family-friendly events in Singapore, don't forget to check out our blog on 71 Best Things To Do In Singapore For 2021. Now go have some good times without breaking the bank!

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The Best Birthday Activities Singapore voted by Kids

Birthday Activities Singapore

Many kids are asked by their parents what they would like to do for their birthday. This can be a difficult question as kids often want something new and different every year. The following list of Birthday Activities Singapore voted by kids are not only the best but also include many things that will never get old! Read on to find out more about The Best Birthday Activities in Singapore voted by Kids. For more of our articles:

1) Virtual Clay Workshop

Virtual Clay Workshop - Birthday Activities Singapore

Kids love activities that stimulate their senses and our Virtual Clay Workshop is one of them. The kids can mould the clay - squeeze, beat or flatten - as much as they like to create their very own clay figurines! High-quality, light and versatile air dry clay that is toxic-free and safe for kids are provided! Professional instructors will be present to guide the kids through the live workshop and ensure that they are having fun. Select such Birthday Activities Singapore for your kids for an unforgettable birthday party.

2) Virtual Art Jamming

Art Jamming Canvas - Birthday Activities Singapore

Art Jamming is a birthday activity suitable for kids in Singapore. Your kids will get to have a fun birthday being creative with their friends. No worries about kids fighting with one another for any reason because this art session will be held online. The kids can also feel proud of themselves for creating their artwork! As all materials are delivered right to your doorstep, your kid will be able to enjoy such Birthday Activities Singapore without having to get out of the house.

3) Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest - Birthday Activities Singapore

With around 1 hour to learn about foods from all over the world, the Virtual Food Quest will be the best Birthday Activities Singapore for your kids. Apart from having fun, the game will provide an enriching lesson about the world through food. There will be 10 stages (can be customised), each representing a country, to teach them about pizzas, french desserts and more. Take the opportunity to understand your kids' preferences - dislikes and likes - for future meals.

4) Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room - Birthday Activities Singapore

Struggling to find the perfect Birthday Activities Singapore for your child this year? Spark the Sherlock Holmes flair in your kids with The Fun Empire's Virtual Escape Room experience. Both challenging and fun, this game is suitable for kids of 7 years old and up. Witness your child focusing and solving puzzles like mini detectives. They can play with as many friends as they want! In addition, the exciting storylines are guaranteed to keep kids happy and entertained.

5) Virtual Party Mania

What's better than a collection of popular party games? Plan your kids' birthday party that will be filled with laughter and entertaining Birthday Activities Singapore. Our Virtual Party Mania experience can be customised to your kid's liking as the games can be changed. To make the birthday celebration even more spectacular, the winner of Virtual Party Mania will receive a prize delivered straight to his or her doorstep!

6) Virtual Game Show

Virtual Game Show - Birthday Activities Singapore

Running out of Birthday Activities Singapore for your kids? Is your kid a master of trivia? Check out our Virtual Game Show experience, which replicates all the excitement of a game show from your home! Guess letters and form words to get as much money for your team! All you need is stable Wi-Fi to participate.

7) Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Virtual Terrarium Workshop - Birthday Activities Singapore

If your child likes putting plants in little pots, then the Singapore Virtual Terrarium Workshop might be just what they need. This craft and informative workshop teach kids about plants and ecosystems, while also giving them a creative outlet. The workshops are facilitated by certified trainers who will give your children the hands-on help they need to construct terrariums in Singapore. Kids will also receive a small figurine to complete their handiwork!

Birthday Activities Singapore

Birthday Activities Singapore offer parents an alternative that is not only safe, but also entertaining for the kids! Whether it's Virtual Clay Workshop or Virtual Escape Room Experience, there's bound to be one of our Birthday Activities Singapore that you'd like.

Art Jamming Benefits Everyone Should Know

Art Jamming Benefits

Given Singapore's fast-paced environment, it's no surprise that many residents are stressed out. While this little red dot's no-nonsense work and education culture has its advantages, it may also make Singaporeans more vulnerable to health hazards and poor well-being. As a result, it is critical that we take a break every now and then to de-stress and be distracted from the arduous work we encounter on a daily basis.

Rather than engaging in conventional activities in Singapore such as hanging out at shopping malls, tourist sites, or attractions, why not try Art Jamming? Now, hold on.  I understand that some people, particularly those who struggle with creativity, may be taken aback by that word, but bear with me while I explain. While you will be openly exhibiting your artistic side, Art Jamming takes place in a non-judgmental environment where everyone is free to present their own ideas. There's no need to feel pressured to be 'excellent' because this isn't an art show or a competition. In fact, even if you consider yourself to be suffering from a lack in creativity, it shouldn't stop you from attending an Art Jamming workshop.

While it may sound like a bold claim, I’m not joking that everyone should experience this art activity.

And here's why you should attend an art jamming session. But before you proceed to read, do check out some of The Fun Empire's awesome team building activities:

1. Therapeutic Benefits

art jamming therapeutic benefits
Art Jamming Therapeutic Benefits

If my introduction to this post is any indicator, this is a no-brainer. Attending an Art Jamming workshop will provide you with numerous therapeutic and health benefits, such as stress reduction and increased sensations of contentment and relaxation. Immersing yourself in painting or any other creative activity stimulates and reinvigorates your brain, leaving you feeling more lucid and tranquil at the end of the session. Therefore,  if you're feeling particularly tired or unmotivated after days or weeks of hard work, treat yourself to an Art Jamming workshop.

2. Increase Self-Esteem

art jamming benefits - increase self-esteem
Art Jamming Benefits: Increase Self-Esteem

As previously stated, Art Jamming takes place in a non-critical setting in which you will not be assessed or commented on for your artistic ability. This not only boosts your self-esteem, but also allows you to better understand yourself, allowing you to create and achieve better long-term goals and provide a sense of success. Those who believe they are not artistically inclined may benefit from this session by learning to accept their uniqueness and being more confidence in expressing themselves.

3. Socialising

Art Jamming Benefits: Socialising
Art Jamming Benefits: Socialising

Constantly staying in the office would sometimes deprive you of the opportunity to socialise. As a result, Art Jamming allows you to get away from your office environment and connect and mingle with friends and family, as well as make new friendships with people you have never met! Here at  The Fun Empire, we provide a Team-building package that allows you and your team members to brainstorm and collaborate on a single canvas. This generates an energising environment in which everyone can gain new perspectives and thoughts.

While Art Jamming is often thought of as a team-building event, it might also be a pleasant activity to do in Singapore if you're seeking for entertaining things to do. It is appropriate for a weekend family outing or as a recreational activity to bond as a couple or with your friends and colleagues. As a result, it's a fun pastime for everyone. The Fun Empire and Arteastiq are the two main providers of Art Jamming classes in Singapore, and we can accommodate any size event. Art Jamming would undoubtedly be the activity to spice up the mood at birthday parties or a corporate team-building event to bring together staff members!

Art Jamming Benefits

And there you have it - the reasons in attending an art jamming session. We hope that this article has given you some insights about art jamming. If you're interested in joining our Art Jamming Workshop, do contact us here.

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