How Art Helps In Team-Building

Art Jamming, despite being introduced to the team-building world not too long ago, has amassed a considerable following. Considering the number of factors coming into play, it’s no wonder why many Singaporeans are opting for Art Jamming nowadays to build teamwork and bond amongst friends and colleagues. Firstly, Art Jamming could take place either in an indoor air-conditioned area or outdoors, so you can avoid the undesirable situation of sweating in the humid weather. Secondly, Art Jamming takes place in a non-judgemental environment, thus providing comfortable surroundings where art enthusiasts and beginners could engage in the fun of canvas painting.

Art Jamming is extremely beneficial towards building rapport, and here are the reasons why;

1. Share Inspiration and Ideas

If you opt for our Group Package option, you will be handed the opportunity to work closely alongside the other participants. As there will only be a big canvas available, you all are required to put the effort together and contribute ideas and inspiration to complete the artwork. Conversing with each other on a regular basis strengthens communication, which is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to team-building.

2. Increase Confidence

Engaging in art not only increases creativity over time but also confidence and self-esteem. By sharing inspiration and ideas, enables participants to give feedback to each other. People would gain self-respect better in an environment where praises ( and also criticisms ) are encouraged. Other benefits would include each participant possessing a sense of belonging and being supported to express themselves freely.

3. Closer Relationships

Participants are seated together, providing an opportunity for them to communicate and interact outside of the usual office environment. Closer relationships would be formed as the group mates get to know each other better. As you may be aware, the company would perform more effectively and efficiently when colleagues are more than working pals. As such, this works towards a healthier working environment as well where participants are motivated and inspired.

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