How Do Art in Office Motivates Employees?

Do you know that being distracted at work is not always a bad thing? If your employees are distracted by work of art, it can actually help to boost productivity, lower stress level and improve well being of employees!

A study from the British Council for Offices shows that over 90% of employees believe that featuring art pieces in the workplace helps to boost productivity! 86% of employees agreed that art is getting more and more relevant in today's office. Still not convinced to have art pieces at your workplace? Here are 5 reasons why hanging art pieces in the office is a good idea!

1) Boost creativity
We doubt staring at a blank wall is likely to generate good or unique ideas. Employees will feel more inspired to work in an office that demonstrates innovation visually! Art at the workplace, helps encourages employees to think out of the box, create and innovate.

2) Attracts Clients
With art in the office, it can help affect a client's impression of your workplace. With unique and beautiful art pieces, the workplace will exude class and elegance. In addition, famous art pieces can be comforting to clients and customers too.

3) Showcasing Company Values
Using art to communicate company values is one of the top trends in the world. Encourage employees to participate by organizing an art jamming team building session. Hanging up employees' art pieces can be inspiring and interesting! Contact us now for a fun Art Jamming experience.

4) Strengthening connection
Having office art will definitely help to create a workplace where employees are proud to walk into every day. It also shows employees that the company cares enough to provide a pleasant place for them to work in. This will also allow employees t feel a return on their time invested in the company.

5) Little Effort
You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase art. There are art rental services that allow you to select art pieces of your choice at a fraction of their price.

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