How to find the perfect color for your office?

Do you know that your environment has a strong effect on your mood? Based on research, color psychology shows that different hues can influence different emotions. Let's check out how different colors affect our productivity levels at work!

The 4 primary color includes red, yellow, green and blue. The primary colors each affect us in different ways. Red affects our body, blue affects our mind, yellow affects our confidence level and green affects the balance between mind, body, and emotions.

Another study also shows that the intensity of the color affects productivity in the office. A strong bright color will stimulate and a color with low saturation will soothe.

If you combine 2 highly saturated colors, like blue and yellow, you will get a color that stimulates both your mind(blue) and emotions(yellow).

We've selected a few colors that are best for painting your office.

Our Google results show that blue is the most productive color for the work place. Is this true? Yes, if you would need to stimulate your mind. If you are an accountant, blue would be perfect for you as the color will stimulate your mind and make you most productive.

If you are in the creative industry, yellow would be a better color as it helps stimulates your ego and spirits. Yellow works well in a creative environment as it helps you think out of the box!

Red is perfect if you're doing something physical as red helps to stimulate your body.

If you're in an environment where you need a strong sense of balance, green is the best for you! Green is balanced, calming and reassuring.

Which colors are best for you?

To decide which colors are best for your environment, first, narrow down your main color and decide if you want to affect your mind, emotions, body or balance.

Then, select either a highly-saturated or lowly-saturated hue. but always remember, there are no wrong colors, music and color work in the same way. It just depends on how you use them.

Explore the different colors with Art Jamming Singapore today! (:

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