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How to keep your team motivated?

March 28, 2018

Motivated employees are the best for companies. Combining the energy, knowledge, and skills of a team of motivated people, your companies can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

The following are 6 powerful ways to keep your company motivated!

Pay your employees well

Ensure that your employees’ salary is consistent with other organizations in your industry! Research shows that up to 26% of employees would leave their job for just a 5% increase in pay. Pay them well and ensure great employees don’t leave!

Encourage Happiness

Happier employees = Enthusiastic and positive attitude = Good quality work

Observe and see if your employees are happy with their work. Happy employees can help to spread a positive attitude!

Do Not Micromanage

Nobody likes it when their boss second-guesses their every decision. Research shows that 38% of employees reported that they would rather endure a busy job scope than sit next to a micromanaging boss. Trust your employees, give them clear goals and direction, allow them to figure their own way to achieve these goals.

Engage your employees

Research shows that 30% of employees don’t feel that their opinions or input are valued and appreciated enough. Learn to engage every employee and listen to them. By listening and implementing their solutions whenever possible, they will be more motivated to offer their opinions.

Offer training opportunities

Your employees will be more valuable to your company if they have the opportunity to learn new skills! Offer them training and self-development opportunities. Provide them with the necessary training they need to advance in their careers!

Love and care

Employees might fall sick and required to take leave of absence from time to time. Do be understanding and give them space and time they need. When you are compassionate to your employees, they will be happy to return the favor.

You can motivate your employees with a fun and unique team building session as well! Book your Art Jamming session with us now! Prices start from only $26/pax.

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