How To Make The Best Out Of Your Art Jamming Experience

I think it's no secret by now that Art Jamming is an incredibly therapeutic activity. After our professionally-trained facilitators have gone through all the procedures and instructions, participants are then given the opportunity to delve into their artistic side and paint on the canvas whatever they want. Here at The Fun Empire, we not only provide the canvases but also all the art materials required such as paintbrushes, tools, rags, and aprons. Even though we provide a non-judgemental environment where participants could simply relax and enjoy their session to the fullest, here are some ways we recommend in order to make the best out of our Art Jamming experience. As this would no doubt be a day for you and your teammates to reminiscence on, it's good to make sure everything goes smoothly on your team-bonding day out, and this is how you can play your part.

This not only applies to our Art Jamming workshops but other activities as well. It's common courtesy to arrive at the event on time and as scheduled. You don't want to keep everyone waiting. In order to avoid being late, arrive alongside your friends and colleagues and try not to come alone. If the event occurs right after a working day, that's even better as everyone could travel together, which is a great way to bond with each other. The Fun Empire employs a 15 minutes grace period. If some participants have not yet arrived, we would continue on the event as we have other clients to cater to. Being responsible and on time would contribute to a happier and unforgettable Art Jamming experience.

Even though we supply aprons to all participants, there are times when paint does get onto our clothes, which would be a huge complication. As you're dealing with acrylic paint, they're hard to come off simply with water, and could only be washed off in the washing machine. If you have to go somewhere after your Art Jamming session, it would be wise to wear black or dark-colored clothing so, in the event that paint does indeed get onto your clothing, it won't be easily visible.

I think that's quite self-explanatory. Our Art Jamming experience is all about having fun and bonding alongside your friends and colleagues. Use this opportunity out of the usual office environment to strike conversations with colleagues you're not close to and form new friendships. The environment is friendly and lively, so don't feel shy! Avoid criticizing and instead complement each other's works. It's all in the name of good fun, and thus you should liven up as a way to de-stress and clear the mind.

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