Simple and beautiful art for anybody to try out themselves!

Doing art can take place outside of our art jamming sessions as well. It can be a very relaxing yet rewarding activity for easily anyone who is willing to give it a shot. Sure you might still inevitably mess up the first time, but don’t worry, the success that comes after failure tastes even better. It is also better if you head to Youtube for a more visual guide and for more advice.

1. Dotted Art

Well, this should be the easiest out of the 3 artworks. First, you have to get some acrylic paint and a canvas. Give the whole canvas a nice black background for optimal effect. Then trace out one big circle in the center with a compass, and then another 100 odd circles surrounding that center circle in an orderly fashion. The end product would be mesmerizing. This art piece requires a certain degree of focus from the painter (You do not want to ruin your circles with one overlapping another), which can be a good distraction for the painter from any other earthly worries – a stress reliever of sorts.

2. Hand Lettering Scratch Art

I do not know what name to put for this, but it is pretty easy for the amount of work put into this. The most important item we must have here is an adhesive holographic flashy background paper that we will stick to a paper, preferably an A4 one. Once that is done, mix black acrylic paint together with some dish soap and using this, paint the whole background black. Once it becomes dry, you can use any surface like a skewer or a pencil to carve out the art shape you desire. We would recommend doing words, as it would be simpler. One last piece of advice would be to thicken the parts of the alphabets that are penned downwards; you can do this after you have carved out the initial standard-sized alphabets. When you are done, you could even frame it up!

3. Acrylic painting with cells

This artwork requires some acrylic paint with some added oil (which contains silicon – Dimethiconlol). Simply pour the paint mixture down onto the canvas in strips or really in any pattern you want, just experiment and be amazed at what you get. Just ensure that the canvas is filled with paint. Then use a long ruler and move the ruler across the canvas in one sweep. Then give it some time to settle down to see its effects and adjust accordingly from thereby adding more paint and spreading it again. The important thing here is you cannot really control the outcome of the painting, so you have got to learn to let go, or the painting lets go of you. For the final step, get a hairdryer and carefully blow the paint to bring out the cellular effect we desire. Of course, let it dry and you have a new one and only painting in this world.

Art may be simple but sometimes it requires us to do the hardest things. For the cell painting, it means letting go when you have to and for the dotted art; it means to focus your concentration on one thing at a time. Art can a journey of healing and more if allow it to be.

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