The Color of Your Art

Art is a form of expression, and the art produced is a reflection of one’s soul if the painter wills it. In art jamming, your goal is to mimic your chosen painting. But in truth, there are many different reasons for doing art and it is the first step towards finding doing great art - knowing what your position is with art can inspire and guide your wildest imaginations to come to life. If you haven’t already figured out the direction your art is heading for, then let's go through the different types now!

1. It is all in the Moment

Art is like a human camera, it's used to capture the moment seen and felt in the eyes and heart of the artist. How else better to share the moment then drawing it out. Just like last week’s covered painting story, “The Scream”, had the artist not drawn out his heightened emotions during the moment, visualizing the madness swirling in his heart may be incomprehensible. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so be glad you do not have to read “ The Scream”, imagine the number of words you have to read.

2. Blank White Walls that Need Something

While the process of making art is important, what is even more highly prioritized is the finished artwork; otherwise, it would not be called art. With that in mind, if your company can't seem to find a cost-effective way to design/buy a new wall decoration for that humongous white wall in the office, how about considering art jamming together to create the awesome art piece that shouts out your own personalized company’s brand? Not only does it look awesome, but there is also a piece of everybody’s efforts hanged like a trophy on the wall. And the fun times' art jamming together? Kill two birds with one stone - team building activity and decorating the office.

3. Be a well-known Farseer in 10 Years Time

You know sometimes how artists paint what they envision the future would be, and in 10 years' time, we can all marvel at the artist’s brilliant foresight. While not completely an artwork, the Simpson’s cartoon series does this perfectly well. They have managed to predict many future happenings such as Donald Trump’s presidential win, Greece’s debt fault, and even faulty voter machines. Just putting it out there, you could be that artist…

4. A Matter of Principles

Humans have opinions on what they believe life should be like, certain values or principles they adhere to. And the artist’s job is to paint out these values beautifully to share what they believe is right to the world. In Vincent Van Gogh’s case, the starry night was a defeat for him as he went against his moral code to paint ‘abstractions’ (fiction) instead of from nature (reality). He may have won the battle but instead lost the war when he decided to paint stars that were too overwhelming to be called stars. 1 for abstraction and 0 for nature.

5. For Fun la!

And at other times, art is not about the finished product, but the process of it. Art gives the artist a time away from reality, a break from work, home, and friends, free from all earthly worries and distractions. Enjoy an art jamming experience in the café, sipping aromatic coffee, listening to light music in the background and just paint whatever you want. No one will judge you, not at the TFE especially.

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