Top 4 Misconceptions about Art Jamming

Have you ever wanted to explore the Visual Arts scene? It has always been something that most people link with the rich or powerful. But times have changed and although there are certain stigmas that still remain, art has become much more accessible than ever and anyone can explore and enter the visual arts scene. Regardless, here are a few myths and misconceptions about art that many people harbor.

Art is only for the rich

It has been well known since the past that only the rich patronize art, and they are willing to spend millions on art pieces for their collection. However, you don’t need to be rich to collect art. Art is something that many rich people spend on if they have extra disposable income, but it is definitely not restricted to them. You can collect art even if you are not rich, although it would take some budgeting, planning, and even patience. If you are truly passionate about art, you would definitely set aside money for art even if you are not as rich.

Art is expensive – the more expensive, the better

It’s a common misconception and a myth that the more expensive the art, the better the art is. Although the most expensive art pieces are defined as good art as they are ‘worthy’ of its price, just because an art piece is expensive, doesn’t mean its good. There are times that people might even jack up the price to cheat you of your money! But regardless, always make sure you know what you are buying and whether it is worth your hard-earned money.

You need a University degree to appreciate art

You might think you need an Honors degree to appreciate art. But really, that is not true. True art appreciators look at the brush strokes, the strength of brush strokes, and a lot more other factors. Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like art, it’ll mean you appreciate it. Maybe an art you like may not be something your friend likes. But there will be someone who definitely likes that art piece as much as you do. Appreciating art is unique to yourself, and you definitely don’t need a degree in Art to appreciate it.

Art is only for the Hipsters

Afraid that people will think that you are a hipster wannabe? Art is definitely not only for the hipsters. And if you feel intimidated by the ‘exclusivity’ of the Art community, don’t. The community is actually very inclusive, and if you are willing to learn, people are willing to teach.

Nevertheless, maybe art might still be expensive for you. But you could consider creating your own art and putting it up in your own house! Look out for Art Jamming classes like those from The Fun Empire that you can go with your friends for a hands-on experience and to have fun with your painting!

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