Ways Art Therapy Can Improve Your Mood

There are many ways in the world to relieve stress, such as exercise, eating, smoking, or even drowning yourself in alcohol. But did you know that Art is also a way of relieving stress?

In fact, art is one of the best ways to relieve stress, especially after a long tiring day at work, and you get to keep your art piece at the end of it too! Art has been scientifically proven to make people feel better and happier, and here’s why:

1.Releasing Happy Neurotransmitters

Similar to exercising, Art such as painting releases happy neurotransmitters such as dopamine to the brain, which helps release stress and improves mood. This is actually the main reason why people feel happier and less stressed after a workout.

2. Increases self-esteem and self-worth

There is no right or wrong in Art. This is why, art is known to boost self-esteem in people, as there is always no definition of right or wrong. You could scribble or doodle on your artwork and it’s still something you can call your own. Not only so, once you are done with your art piece, looking at the final piece actually encourages self-worth due to your control over the environment!

3. Externalize inner experiences

It’s never easy to put certain experiences and feelings into words. The best way to express them is actually through art! Being able to externalize one’s experience is a great way to remember the experience and the intensity of their feelings during the event that cannot be put into words.

4. Social support

When doing art together with your colleagues (called Art Jamming), the shared art experiences actually increase the social support among your team as everyone has fun painting together. You might be able to help out your colleagues with certain problems they might face, and the increased interaction within the team would definitely improve everyone’s relationships. Not only so, but there is also going to be a stronger camaraderie among the team and hence, improves their teamwork.

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