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8 Best Alternatives To Arteastiq Art Jamming in Singapore


The Arteastiq Art Jamming program is a great way to get some art done in a group setting. It’s also a lot of fun and provides an opportunity for self-expression, creativity, collaboration, and more. Arteastiq Singapore is a halal bistro that offers Art Jamming session with art tea at different locations around Singapore, namely at Mandarin Gallery Arteastiq, Arteastiq Plaza Singapura and Jewel Changi Airport. However, sometimes it can be hard or impossible to attend one because you’re not near that location or you have other commitments (like work). Luckily there are many alternatives!

Before we start introducing the other fun alternatives of art jamming singapore, let’s talk a little about Arteastiq.

More about Arteastiq

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Arteastiq is famous for their art jamming sessions as well as their Arteastiq high tea. Their 3-hour art jam sessions ($48) feature a canvas, an endless supply of art supplies, and a complimentary drink. Choose from coffee, tea, or a variety of alcoholic beverages that can be topped up.

Arteastiq also presents a fresh, educational, and one-of-a-kind concept of art jamming as your freely expressed paintings will be analysed by professional trainers. They will use artwork to interpret the personalities of each individual or team.

If you’re having trouble knowing what to draw because your mind is as blank as the canvas, check out their book area, which is loaded with art books and folders full of photographs for you to take inspiration from.

You may check out Arteastiq menu/bistro menu here:

1) The Fun Empire

arteastiq - the fun empire
The Fun Empire

Do you aspire to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh? The new method to team building is being introduced. The Fun Empire’s Art Jamming Experience, Singapore’s Best Art Jamming Provider, is a perfect alternative to Arteastiq painting session!

Art Jamming is a brand-new activity that is highly recommended for fostering creativity, patience, and interaction among participants. The relaxing and fun Art Jamming Session at The Fun Empire will inspire participants to release their creativity in a friendly and non-judgmental setting.

There are 4 popular ways you can art jam with The Fun Empire: Individual Art Jamming, Group Art Jamming, Neon Art Jamming and Tote Bag Art Jamming. Furthermore, The Fun Empire does not only offer Art Jamming workshops but also offers virtual team building games, physical team bonding activities as well as other creative workshops. You will be spoilt with choices here!

2) Arthaus

arteastiq - arthaus
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Arthaus provides a stress-free and comfortable environment for those who want to engage with art at their own pace.

They offer different options to suit adults and kids, so you can bring your whole family along. This way, the adults in the group can enjoy a creative evening while ensuring that younger relatives are also well entertained.

They offer a variety of courses including fundamental lessons, portfolio preparation, residential and corporate murals, birthday parties at the studio – all to suit your preferences!

3) Boulevart

arteastiq - boulevart
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Worried that you won’t have any inspiration for what to draw? Have no fear! Located at myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens, Boulevart provides an inspiring environment complete with reference cards and all the necessary painting supplies.

Boulevart’s simple price structure is one of the easiest and cheapest art jams you can get into, making it a hassle-free experience. Visitors might have to make bookings in advance because often these art jams are closed off for events. There will be chalk board graffiti on their walls, that they do themselves!

4) Heartroom Gallery

arteastiq - heartroom gallery
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With art decorating the plain white walls in the studio, Heartroom Gallery is as much an art gallery as it is a painting space and classroom. Visitors are allowed to bring their own food too so they can fuel their minds while painting.

Heartroom Gallery has an open art jamming session that provides a social environment for visitors to meet likeminded people and experience art. You can also check out their classes, where you can learn brush painting or manga drawing and many more. For their best art jamming in Singapore, they have options for team building, party events, and even for couples!

5) Café de Paris

arteastiq - cafe de paris
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When you combine the best of cuisine and art, you get Café de Paris, where you can paint your next masterpiece while sipping complimentary beverages like honey yuzu and honey jujube. An array of pies, waffles, and brunch fare are also available as add-ons to snack on during the session.

Jammers will have unrestricted access to acrylic paint, brushes, and stationery, as well as art supplies like as palette knives and sponges for creating more fascinating textures. Each session costs $28 per person on their website, or $49/two for a three-hour session when booked through Klook.

6) Splat Paint House

arteastiq - splat paint house
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Unlike your average artist’s studio, Splat Paint House is the only splatter painting studio in Singapore where you can paint with bottles, syringes and even water guns. This is a great and unique alternative to Arteastiq art jamming!

They offer daytime art jams (from $39), but if you’re up for a truly different experience, try their UV painting parties ($70) where you’ll be given kid-safe paint that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

7) Wildflower Studio

arteastiq - wildflower studio
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You’ve got your canvas, paint and cat. Now it’s time to play Art Jamming with your furry friends!

Art jams are more than just painting with your friends. Paint and drink an evening away while socializing with a trio of friendly cats at Wildflower Studios, a studio in Khatib co-owned by local author and illustrator Amanda Cho. This small studio, which is only open on weekends, is where you can let loose with a canvas, acrylic paint, a complementary drink, and, most importantly, three friendly cats.

8) Artify Studio

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There is plenty of beauty to be found Artify Studio, a hidden treasure in Textile Centre. They organize personalised workshops as well as  parent-and-child art jamming sessions where the parent and child can bring back two personalized canvas paintings as keepsakes.

Artify Studio also runs the Liberty Art Jam with a “Pay by Honor” system. There is a recommended donation, but you can pay more or less as needed. This enables art to be affordable for everyone while also proving that there’s still plenty of kindness in the world.


Arteastiq is a Singapore-based company that focuses on providing an affordable and fun social experience (Arteastique high tea) for people to connect with one another through the beauty of creative expression. If you’re looking for something different than Arteastiq or when Arteastiq reservation slots are all fully booked, the listed spots are great alternatives!

The Fun Empire provides both virtual and physical Art Jamming sessions. Splat Paint House lets visitors paint using water guns or bottles while Wildflower Studio offers Art Jamming with cats. Artify Studio also hosts unique workshops like Liberty Art Jams where everyone can pay what they can afford and still enjoy beautiful artwork created together by artists from all walks of life.

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