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August 2, 2021

What's In An Art Jamming DIY Kit Singapore?

DIY Kit Singapore

Every DIY enthusiast needs a DIY kit to get started. This DIY kit includes everything you need to make your own art jamming project and is perfect for beginners! The DIY Kit Singapore comes with all the materials, tools, and instructions needed. You will be on your way to making beautiful DIY projects in no time at all with this convenient DIY starter kit! In this blog article, we will explore the various DIY crafts items inside the different art kits.

But before you proceed to read this article, let's check out some of these fun activities by The Fun Empire:

1) Art Jamming Canvas Home Kit

diy kit singapore - art jamming canvas home kit
The Fun Empire

Art Jamming DIY Kits are what you need! This DIY kit is perfect for anyone with a creative side they want to unleash. With this craft kit for DIY Singapore, it's easy to make your own masterpiece in no time! Also, it includes everything that you'll need to complete the project and comes at an affordable price.

What is included: A canvas tote bag measuring 27cm by 35cm, five primary-colour acrylic paints, three paint brushes, a pencil and an eraser, paper plates and a set of home experience kit instructions

Where to buy:

Price: $35 (usual price $50); $5 delivery fee an order (delivered within 3 to 5 working days)

2) Neon Art Jamming Canvas Home Kit

diy kit singapore - neon art jamming canvas home kit
The Fun Empire

Neon art jamming has recently gained popularity due to its lively colours. Neon art jamming, as the name suggests, uses neon paint rather than regular paint. The mixing of neon colours is another component that adds to the excitement of neon art jamming. For this craft kit, you will be able to create gradients by combining some of the colours. Hence, this is one of the most unique and fun handicraft kits that can be purchased online.

What is included: A 30cm by 40cm canvas, five primary colour fluorescent acrylic paints, three paint brushes, a pencil and an eraser, paper plates and a set of instructions on art jamming.

Where to buy:

Price: $35 (usual price $50); $5 delivery fee an order (delivered within 3 to 5 working days)

3) Art Jamming Tote Bag Home Kit

diy kit singapore - art jamming tote bag home kit
The Fun Empire

Besides Art Jamming Canvas, you can also art jam on tote bags as the acrylic paints provided are very versatile! Tote bags are typically made of fabric woven from cotton or linen, both of which absorb acrylics fast. Just a little tip: Watercolours should not be used on tote bags since they fade over time. Furthermore, they vanish after a wash.

What is included: A canvas tote bag measuring 27cm by 35cm, five primary-colour acrylic paints, three paint brushes, a pencil and an eraser, paper plates and a set of instructions.

Where to buy:

Price: $35 (usual price $50); $5 delivery fee an order (delivered in 3 to 5 working days)

4) Dessert-Painting Kit

diy kit singapore - dessert painting kit
Image Credit:

This is an open invitation to have some fun with your meals. Splat Paint House's new dessert-painting kit allows you to experiment with sauces, garnishes, and sweet delicacies.

This is an art-jamming event that uses the table as a canvas, inspired by three-Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea's distinctive tabletop dessert-plating approach.

Users get to create the artwork with colourful components like sea salt caramel and chocolate shards, then finish it up with the treats provided.

Lastly, take a bite and enjoy your creation.

Where to buy:

5) Painting-By-Numbers Kit

diy kit singapore - painting by numbers kit
Image Credit:

Paint like a pro with the Yi Kou Jia art and craft store's DIY painting-by-numbers kit. The shop contains over 300 of these kits, which feature popular tourist landmarks, scenery, and cartoon characters.

Simply choose a design and paint it according to the numbers on the canvas.

Different designs are suggested for various age groups. Animal paintings with fewer details, for example, are better suitable for youngsters and the elderly with presbyopia.

Customers have described the procedure as therapeutic.

What is included: A 40cm by 50cm cotton canvas that comes with a wooden frame, three paint brushes, one set of acrylic paints in assorted colours, one set of varnish paint to apply to the completed painting for preservation, one wall alignment tool, one set of accessories to hang your painting on the wall and a piece of paper with reference numbers.

Where to buy: Yi Kou Jia at 02-98 JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1 or visit for DIY online singapore

Price: $19.90 for one kit, $30 for two; $4.30 delivery fee for up to 5kg (delivered in two to five days)

6) Embroidery Kit

diy kit singapore - embroidery kit
Image Credit:

Aside from art jamming painting sessions, another type of art is embroidery. You can choose to purchase embroidery kits in Singapore from various stores. However, we would like to recommend Deer Folks. They have various embroidery kits for beginners in Singapore that teach you the fundamentals of stitching and include all of the equipment you'll need as well as useful tips and tricks. Advanced students can choose the Embroidery Essentials Pack, which includes all of the supplies you'll need but no instructions or pattern design.

What is included: Depending on the design you choose (wooden embroidery hoop, an embroidery needle, needle threader, skeins of DMC embroidery floss, cotton-linen blend fabric)

Where to buy:

Price: starting from $40

DIY Kit Singapore

DIY kits are a great way to have some fun and learn something new while crafting them. The DIY kit Singapore is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to experience DIY in their own home! You can purchase the listed Home Experience Kits, which come with everything you need for an art jamming session that will be remembered by all involved.

Besides Art Jamming DIY Kit, The Fun Empire also provides Terrarium DIY Kit, Leather Making Home Kit, Clay Making Home Kit as well as Balloon Sculpting DIY Kit in Singapore. You may also check out other shops which provide interesting home kits such as DIY flower kit singapore etc.

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