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June 30, 2021

Your complete guide to Art Jamming!

Art Jamming Guide

What is Art Jamming? We answer what you need to know and more! So, sit back, relax and get started.

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Background of Art Jamming

tfe art jamming
The Fun Empire Art Jamming

Art Jamming began as a social painting experience and was coined by Betty Cheung in 2000. It was intended to be a painting experience that invites individuals to feel inspired, revitalized, and re-energized. Contrary to popular assumption, one does not need to be an accomplished artist to enjoy art jamming. An art jamming session, on the other hand, was all about getting together to share ideas and information.

Today, art jamming is essentially an activity in which a group of people get together and develop their creative side by painting on canvas. Given that some people may lack artistic confidence and be hesitant to display their creative ability in a public setting, Art Jamming was specifically designed to take this into account and be all-inclusive to all levels of talent and all ages. As a result, art jamming is a dynamic activity that can be attended for a variety of reasons. From Corporate Icebreaker/Team Building events to Family Days Out during the weekends, Art Jamming would surely bring more laughter and delight into your life.

Art Jamming primarily makes use of acrylic paint. Paints like watercolour, metallic and even fluid art are often other options that are also available!

Types of Art Jamming

Granted that Art Jamming is a group activity, there are a few variations on how it could be conducted! Art Jammers mainly paint on canvas but can also be done on other mediums. Mainly, there are 4 popular ways you can art jam:

1) Individual Art Jamming

individual canvas art jamming
Individual Canvas Art Jamming

Individual art jamming is when you paint your own canvas in a group setting with others. This form of art jamming is especially beneficial for honing your personal creativity and painting abilities. Even before you take up the paintbrush to paint, you'll put in a lot of time and work conceptualizing! However, this does not necessarily make it more difficult. There is a lot of flexibility with your own personal canvas because you have complete control over what you make. You can let your imagination run wild and create a painting that is as basic or as intricate as you like!

2) Group Art Jamming

group art jamming
Group Art Jamming

Group art jamming, by definition, necessitates group effort. Although individual canvases are offered for this design, each canvas will contribute to the overall combined large picture. Everyone's canvas, in essence, fits like a puzzle piece into the larger image – the picture determined by the group! Having said that, this technique requires greater collaboration and reaching a consensus among the participants. On the other hand, it could be a terrific approach to engineer creative synergy! More brains equals more ideas!

3) Neon Art Jamming

neon art jamming
Neon Art Jamming

Neon art jamming has recently gained popularity due to its lively colours. Neon art jamming, as the name suggests, uses neon paint rather than regular paint. But the distinction does not end there. The entire neon art jamming experience takes place in a specially designed space with illumination that boosts the art jammers' skills to carry out their neon painting. The mixing of neon colours is another component that adds to the excitement of neon art jamming. We put this to the test and were able to create gradients by combining some of the colours! This is a unique phase of the procedure since it differs from the mixing of primary colours.

4) Tote Bag Art Jamming

individual tote bag art jamming
Individual Tote Bag Art Jamming

So far, the 3 types of art jamming above are done on canvas. Due to the versatile nature of acrylic paints, they can also be used to art jam on fabrics. One way of doing so is on tote bags. Tote bags are usually made from fabric woven out of cotton or linen on which acrylics dry up quickly. Watercolours are not recommended on tote bags as watercolours fade with time. On top of that, they dissipate after a wash.

Common myths about Art Jamming

Despite its popularity, there are still many people who have misconceptions about art jamming. Perhaps these have long been preconceived notions regarding art-related activities, but that is why we are here to debunk them!

1) Art Jamming is an expensive hobby.

art jamming workshop
Art Jamming Workshop

With more art jamming workshops and cafes popping up these days, the prices are lower than before. In fact, most start from around $30 for two hours, which includes the canvas, paint, and brushes. While most firms begin with a 2-hour session, The Fun Empire provides a better value 1-hour express art jamming bundle. These classes do involve some facilitation and instruction, so novices will not get lost.

2) You need to know some background in art before doing art jamming.

art jamming tools
Art Jamming tools

False! Every endeavour must begin somewhere, and most art jamming classes are designed for beginners. For example, art jamming workshops are frequently directed or conducted in the presence of expert instructors. Some even show you how to do it. Don't be concerned if you're afraid of being exposed as knowing nothing! Art Jamming courses are designed for learning without judgement and enjoyment.

What is Art Jamming suitable for?

So now that you know a bit more about art jamming, you are probably wondering when one would go for an art jamming session. Here are the possible situations where art jamming makes good sense!

1) Team Building

art jamming team building
Art Jamming Team Building

Creative Workshops differ from conventional Team Building activities in that the former give learning opportunities that allow participants to not only be imbued with specific values and morals, but also to grow and build both hard and soft skills.

Art jamming is a wonderful team building activity since it improves teamwork skills. Its peaceful atmosphere is one of the reasons it is such a popular pick. It is conducted in a casual setting, which eases teams into a relaxed mindset, allowing for easy exchange of ideas. It not only improves communication and listening skills, but it also allows teams to get to know one other better. Who knows, maybe it'll be the time you realise your team has some truly talented artists!

Especially in the group canvas art jamming, there will be important decisions to be made and the team has to come to a consensus. This provides the opportunity to understand your team’s way of making decisions.

2) Group Cohesion

art jamming group cohesion
Art Jamming Group Cohesion

Whether you are meeting friends over the weekends or colleagues, art jamming is a great way to spend the time! For starters , there will be an activity to bond over that will minimize feelings of discomfort. It is also ideal because it is a therapeutic activity that can aid in the release of stress and tension from the work week. When you attend an art jamming session, you will definitely forget about your problems!

3) Learning new skills

art jamming skills
Art Jamming Skills

Have an interest in art but not sure where to start? Art Jamming is a great place to start! By going for a public workshop class, participants can also get to meet and mingle with other participants of the same interests.

4) Quality time with family

art jamming with family
Art Jamming with family

Instead of going to the movies or eating out, you and your family might want to go art jamming together! It would be a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time together and produce something that reflects everyone's efforts. At the end of the day, you could bring it back and put it on display in your living room.

5) Birthdays & Other Parties

Art Jamming for birthdays and other parties
Art Jamming for birthdays and other parties

If you're looking for a unique present for an artistic friend or family member, art jamming is a great option. Indeed, The Fun Empire provides an art jamming package for children's birthday parties! If you do not intend to organise a large party, you could attend one of the public workshops or arrange a private session.

Art Jamming Guide

And there you have it - the complete guide to Art Jamming. We hope that this article has enlightened some of your queries about Art Jamming and if you're interested in joining The Fun Empire's Art Jamming workshop, do check out here for more information.

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